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Looking after our client's needs and demands, within due time and full attention, is the objective we sitting with in financial market since day one.

The last thing we desire that our clients worry about something where we have the skills, expertise and experience. Their regulatory mandatory requirements are the fact of today's business life and unless it is dealt with in a correct and timely manner, the very existence of their business could be at risk. We here at ANS, are managed by the skilled and experienced hands, backed up by professional support team who have extensive knowledge of working with small or large businesses. We offer a 'one stop' service which includes all aspects of your business needs as well as the provision of independent financial advice, as and when necessary.

We work with a philosophy where we put our client's needs and interests FIRST, letting them to focus on nothing but to run, grow and consolidate their business and projects, on the basis of THEIR planning and vision, with OUR budgeting, back up and financial forecast.

New Business Starters

If you are just starting or planning to start a new business, a dream of yours, full positive and determined to make it work, then at ANS we can greatly help you to focus on what your goals are. We will take care of the rest, like set it up with Companies House and register with HMRC for National Insurance and tax purposes. Potentially you may also need to consider registering for VAT and perhaps will need help with PAYE. ANS is there for all what you need.

Landlords/Property Investors

Landlords and Property Investors always need assistance with filling in tax returns, preparing accounts, working out any capital gains and dealing with the Inland Revenue. Your rental Income need to be calculated after adjusting admissible expenses and then when it comes to selling property, it may comes with the question of Capital Gain Tax, which need to be addressed by the capable hands.

Construction Workers/CIS

You may be a Contractor or Sub Contractor in construction industry. You need experienced hands to register you with HMRC with the right scheme, to ensure your sub contractors are also registered correctly within the rules of the scheme, You deducting the right amount of tax from the payments to your sub contractors and supplying them regular reports of your deductions, You keep the complete records of your activities and you are up to date with the changes to CIS regulations. Here at ANS, we can do all that for you taking all that hassle and Burdon away from your shoulders.

Self Employed Businesses

Either you running a grocery Store, Some Cash & Carry, News Agent Shop, Meat Shop, Mobile Phone repair and selling business, Chicken Shop or High Street Restaurant or coffee Corner, you need an accountant you look after your book keeping and financial reporting obligations. From experience, we know how much of a struggle it is to ensure that your business keeps a float and the one thing that often sinks many small businesses is the bookkeeping. We don’t believe in leaving anything to the last minute and can step in and take off some of the additional pressure. We have team of dedicated bookkeepers and accountants who are experienced in various types of small business to help you just keep focusing on your business leaving rest of pressures onto us to handle.

Taxi/Cab/PHV Drivers

You are Taxi Drivers, Black Cab/PHV driver, a Cab Office, couriers, working for Uber Eats/Dilevroo, driving schools or limo drivers, at ANS, we can help resolving issues like complicated and confusing accounting aspects associated with the industry such as VAT, record keeping and employed/self-employed status issues. We specialise in taxi driver accounts – it’s ALL we do. We understand your requirements and have designed our practice around this. We can handle all your accountancy and financial reporting obligations remotely by email, telephone, Facetime/Skype calls and post, and you don’t even need to waste time visiting our offices. Simply just focus on your earnings and contact us at a time that suits you.

Doctors/GP/Chemists/Medical Practitioners

If you are a doctor, practicing as GP, on your house job and planning a career ahead, running a private clinic accepting private fee along with having some property investments or otherwise or if you are a Chemist having your pharmacy, You need a professional experienced financial manager to look after all your essential regulatory financial and taxation affairs. Here at ANS we help you with your finances and taxes, through our specialised profession based accountancy services. Our services includes managing your personal taxes affairs, preparing the returns relating to self assessment, complete guidance and support for building strategies for self employment, business expenses, and capital allowances, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, handling and incorporating private fees accepted by you, including the practice accounts. This includes short term as well as long term financial and tax planning with the convenience of financial advice just one call away.

Forex/Option Traders/Brokers/Fund Managers

Having a wealth of experience as a forex trader ourselves, then FCA regulated in different personal capacity too, we, at ANS, deal with futures and options traders, market makers, brokers, currency traders and fund managers in a range of organisational structures and market operations. Our specialisation include, but are not limited to advice on the appropriate structure to trade through, the tax and accounting implications for the respective business structures, preparation of annual financial statements and corporate/personal tax returns, arranging of audit reports under the Companies Act- If necessary, arranging audit reports for FCA registered businesses- If necessary, production of monthly/quarterly management accounts, tax planning in order to minimise corporate and personal taxation, dealing with the UK HM Revenue & Customs, FCA, Companies House and other regulatory bodies on your behalf and managing and bookkeeping functions for your business

Non-UK residents having Investment/Income/Business in UK

We at ANS, have experience in dealing with clients based abroad, both British and foreign citizens. Our services includes formation of your company in UK, setting up your business address, handling your all Inbound calls if asked for, handling your local Post, looking after your investment income, rental income, payroll services, book keeping and reporting requirements, anything and everything you need as a Non UK Resident investor or entrepreneur. We serve many clients living abroad, can communicate over Skype or Facetime, through email ro confernec call, allowing you to have "face-to-face" discussions with us from anywhere in the world. You can send questions to us by e-mail, Skype or WhatsApp, and respond shall be instantly. We know that you may be in different time zones and countries, that's why we offer support during UK evenings and weekend.


Highly affordable and compatible charges where you have the option to pay the way it suits best to your cash flow. Payment in one go or set up an EASY monthly direct debit to spread the cost over a year.


With our professional expertise, thriving skills and rich experience, we take all your worries about handling your regulatory record keeping and reporting obligations away from you, leaving you to focus just on what you good at-Your Business, with COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND.


Unlike other flashy accountants, reachable only during business hours, Monday to Friday, after countless calls/texts, We here at ANS, make sure we always JUST ONE CALL away from our clients, even when you feel our need to discuss something after UK business hours, or during weekends or even on public holidays.


In a competitive world, getting the correct advice when you need it, is often the difference between success and failure.

We here at ANS, offering a comprehensive range of services to provide our clients with the best business and financial services possible, giving positive and profitable solutions to anything that can come their way towards running a successful business/operations.